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I am asked routinely by friends and patients “what do you give to your child?” What types of treatments does he receive? Kai is preschool, 3 ½ years old, 42 pounds and 42 inches. He can ride his own 2 wheel bike without training wheels. He has had one fever, a couple of colds. He started talking when he was 11 ½ months old. Yes, I am a proud mother, but I do think that his strength, health and vitality are a result of a combination of many things. I believe that oils need to be a huge part of his diet. As a baby he received a couple of tablespoons of flax seed oil/day, vitamin D and acidophilus.

I began to introduce foods based on the food guidelines and I was conservative with the introduction of foods and any constipation, diarrhea, or irritable bowel I would stop that food and introduce later. We kept a routine with Kai. Wake up, feed, and change his diaper for his first 40 days. In Chinese Medicine and other cultures 4o days after birthing is the 4th “trimester”. The brain is developing rapidly at this time. We didn’t take him out often. We were calm and relaxed around him keeping his environment on the quiet side. Around the 6th week, I started doing NIS with Kai. I would use my husband to surrogate to make sure all was onboard with his brain and organs. At 7 weeks he started to sleep 71/2 hours at night. We used the 5 “S” methods (swaddling, side position, swinging movements, shushing and sucking) which really seemed to work well. We maintained the routine of wake, feed, change and play.

If a child’s blood sugar levels are not maintaining they have trouble sleeping longer than 2-3 hours. NIS works on this directly. When Kai would get a runny nose or cold I would get his brain to support his system.  This doesn’t eliminate all diseases or flu’s but it supports his system to handle these two more easily. I do believe childhood diseases help support and strengthen our immune system. I realize our son is only 3 ½ and I am on a lifetime adventure of learning and growth. To this day Kai has a few teaspoons of Fish Oil daily. Vitamin D, Kefir and Vitamin C are a mainstay in his diet.

I recommend the following authors for assisting and offering advice and suggestions on how to help your child thrive a stay attached. The last book listed is extremely helpful in learning how to communicate effectively with your child at any age and works in tandem with the NIS philosophy.

  • Barry MacDonald.
  • Several books about raising boys Gary Neufeld. Offers suggestions on how to stay attached and connected to your children.
  • Daniel J. Siegel “The Whole Brain Child”

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