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My name is Carla Wiseman and I have been working in the healing world since 1986.  I started out as a Massage Therapist and then became a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor.  After 11 years of evolving in acupuncture, taking courses for children's health, fertility, allergies

I was sick for months.

I approached Carla Wiseman because I was sick for months. My symptoms were shakiness, head aches, problems with vision, nervousness, pain in my right pelvic area. Carla helped me by clearing all of the symptoms. With one visit I was feeling better. The result was incredible!!!!

I found the experience to be very professional, I would definitely recommend Carla Wiseman.


She worked me through my menopause with grace and ease!

I have been going to Carla Wiseman for 17 years or so. The experiences I have had have been better then I every imagined possible. She help quiet my anxiety when I was involved in real estate deals, she worked me through my menopause with grace and ease, and my sore knee that kept giving out and giving me excruciating pain is strong, reliable and health once again. Carla has assisted me in all areas of my life through an unintuitive, gentle effective practice.

Health and Wellness Coach

I have the pleasure of working with Carla for several years. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about health and wellness and cares for her patients. I feel that Carla is as invested in my health goals as I am and in some ways she acts like a coach - someone to check in with on a monthly basis to report how I am (or if I am) making daily choices that align with my objectives. Carla is flexible and makes herself accessible if she knows you need extra support during a particular point in time. I cannot say enough good things about Carla.

First day in three weeks without a headache!

First day in three weeks without a headache! And my shoulder is 90% better! Four 90 minute massage therapy appointments and what I really needed was to see you!



Adrenal Glands

Carla is one of those rare people who you feel immediately comfortable with and connected to. As she investigated my health concerns, I felt supported both emotionally and physically.She took time to listen and carefully work through my body. I was astonished when she quickly diagnosed trouble with my adrenal glands. Her treatment made the symptoms disappear in a matter of days. I would highly recommend her to anyone who seeks help with fertility and health in general.

Thanks H.

Seasonal and Food Allergies

I initially came to see Carla at the recommendation of a family member who had experienced benefit from seeing her. I was skeptical as her treatment approach was something out of my experience with mainstream health care. I was very pleased to experience benefit across a range of areas I had been struggling with – sleep problems, seasonal allergies, and food allergies (gluten and lactose intolerance). On top of her clinical skills, Carla has a very warm, empathic and caring bedside manner. She truly loves what she does and has a genuine interest in the well-being of her patients.

Digestive Disorders

You were right, after the second session I didn't feel so tired and also my skin and hair reaction was much milder compared to the first session. The most important Matylda sleeps better during the nights and I got bigger breast milk supply (which I didn't notice after the first session). Overall I feel much better after the therapy and my digestive system is almost back to normal. The blurred vision disappeared and my hair also improved. The hair loss slow down, new hair are growing and also they are less oily. My skin is still kind of up-and-down but I believe it will improve too.

Planter Warts

I was searching the web looking for a non-surgical method to remove planter warts when I came across Carla’s success with clients. I must say I was surprised at how long it took to make that first appointment with her, not realizing at the time how amazing my results were to be. I saw her for the first time in October and had spent the previous months of the year bound and determined to find a solution to my lack of energy issues. By the time I saw her, I had seen three other specialists but none of them could help.

Low Blood Pressure

I have been receiving Dr. Carla Wiseman’s treatment a little over 2 months. My blood pressure is now higher. It used to be in the 80’s over 50’s . Now it is in 120’s over 60’s. I used to suffer from chronic fatigue, now I have much more energy and am motivated to tackle things that I have been procrastinating for months. I am feeling joyful and at peace. In addition to the above, I am recovering from the skin condition of the parts of my lower abdomen and thighs. It was inflamed and painful for the past 2 years and I was not able to find any solution for the problem.


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