Children, Acupuncture and NIS

In the past ten years, children who are 5 and younger have composed approximately 15% of my practice. The treatment uses NIS acupuncture meridians in a gentle and non-invasive manner, but most importantly is extremely effective. Mum/Dad remain in the room and are utilized and involved to help their child receive the treatments. Most commonly the following are the areas I see most often in the treatment of children: allergies, food sensitivities, asthma, sleep/insomnia issues, anxiety, constipation, colds or children who chronically have a runny nose.

children help with alternatve medicine neurolink integrative system NIS acupuncture

Other issues do include: acid reflux, all tummy troubles, failure to thrive, headaches and learning difficulties. I had one patient, age 4 who wrote backwards. After one treatment she wrote properly. I let children observe and watch me before we get started. Normally after 5 to 10 minutes they join in and love the treatment. Children are bright, intuitive and rarely resist the treatment. If your child is not thriving the way you believe they should, please book an appointment and learn what I do.

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