Planter Warts

I was searching the web looking for a non-surgical method to remove planter warts when I came across Carla’s success with clients. I must say I was surprised at how long it took to make that first appointment with her, not realizing at the time how amazing my results were to be. I saw her for the first time in October and had spent the previous months of the year bound and determined to find a solution to my lack of energy issues. By the time I saw her, I had seen three other specialists but none of them could help. In fact, one Naturopath turned me away saying he had tried everything he knew and was surprised by my lack of response. I become infected with a really bad case of bronchitis a few weeks after making the appointment with Carla.

By the time I saw her, it was subsiding and manageable but it had really taken me out of commission. She found lots of imbalances around my immune system and worked on the issues behind the planter warts. I wasn’t sure what to expect during this visit and I had no expectations around resolving my energy issues. I was also pleasantly surprised by how non-invasive this form of treatment is and how quick a session can be. What an amazing difference just one visit made. I was waking up refreshed and I was no longer feeling afternoon sleepiness where I would yawn and yawn and find it hard to stay focused. My energy levels were maintained throughout the day and on top of that I noticed my memory recall for names and thoughts had improved dramatically.

Within a month I noticed my vision had improved. I felt like a new person, fully engaged and able to focus now versus being foggy and lethargic. It’s just so amazing to me how much of an improvement my visits with Carla have made. I totally recommend trying one visit with her and the Neurolink system she employs. I still shake my head in disbelief at how different my health and wellbeing are as a result of her practice.


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