Pregnancy and Neurolink (NIS)

The gestational period of 40 weeks can be a complete joy for some women and the complete opposite for others. Why do hormones which are a natural, cause such complete havoc? In my experience, I find that when hormones are not balanced then the hardship begins. Some examples of this are as follows: the inability to hold on to a baby, morning or all day sickness, nausea, vomiting or inability to eat, diabetes and preeclampsia (high blood pressure during pregnancy). I find when women have experienced the Neurolink (NIS) alternative medicine treatments before and during pregnancy. They maintain energy, healthy weight gain and often a shortened natural delivery.

pregnancy and neurolink NIS alternative medicine and acupuncture

Pregnancy hormones are a natural bodily process. These situations are meant to be easy, problem free. Any challenges simply equate with an imbalance resulting in hormones not being balanced. In Arbutus Clinic we work with infertility, pregnancy into delivery with NIS, acupuncture and massage. We have wonderful pregnancy pillows so your treatment will be relaxing. Our goal is to support the woman is all stages of pre and post pregnancy and of course during. Having many choices in one clinic makes the whole process easy and more relaxing???

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