She worked me through my menopause with grace and ease!

I have been going to Carla Wiseman for 17 years or so. The experiences I have had have been better then I every imagined possible. She help quiet my anxiety when I was involved in real estate deals, she worked me through my menopause with grace and ease, and my sore knee that kept giving out and giving me excruciating pain is strong, reliable and health once again. Carla has assisted me in all areas of my life through an unintuitive, gentle effective practice.

I have benefited exponentially by her services. Thank you Carla. Yvonne Viel reflexologist vancouver So Carla I have never been asked to give a testimony before and if you wish me to change something or add something let me know.

enjoy yvonne


Vancouver Location

#200 2025 West 42nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC,br /> 604.761.9300

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Delta Location

#103 - 4841 Delta Street
Ladner, BC

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