Sleep Disorders

Neurolink (NIS) alternative medicine treatments looks at insomnia and sleep disorders from a different perspective. It looks at the cell surface receptors, glycogens and having enough serotonin in the body. Different areas in the brain have different functions for sleep

sleep disorders alternative medicine and acupuncture

For example; thalamus ensures blood sugar recovery is turned on after a busy day at work. So if the thalamus is affected by parasites, viruses, bacteria or even an emotional imbalance a person will suffer from insomnia. NIS can regulate hormones needed for sleep (serotonin is metabolized to the hormone melatonin) which is the key ingredient to help regulate the sleep cycle.

In our practice we have also treated infants who would have difficulty sleeping throughout the night which in return disturbs the parents sleep. With 1-3 treatments we have successfully treated disturbed sleeping patterns of all ages.

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